Ultimate Seduction

Alpha Male Seduction Tips and Techniques

Alpha Male Traits

What a feeling it is to notice that guy who walks in a bar and commands the respect of men and women alike.


Everyone stops to say hello and lurks around, he is in full control of the situation.

He has an aura of security, confidence and you just know he will be leaving with the hottest woman in the venue.


The real question is why???


The answer is simple. He is an Alpha Male…


So how do you become an alpha male?


Try and imagine animals in their environment. There always seems to be an Alpha Male who is the leader of the group and has sex with all the females. Without words being used you can observe and see the Alpha Male body language and authority he commands over the group.


Real Alpha Males do not care what others think of him yet are sensitive to others needs. An Alpha Male does not need approval and has great communication skills.


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